Welcome to the website for Emory University‘s Fall 2014 FILM 500: Introduction to Graduate Film and Media Studies, taught by Dr. Tanine Allison.

This course serves as an advanced introduction to the study of film and media for entering Film and Media Studies M.A. students, as well as other graduate students who want to enhance their grasp of film/media studies methodologies and analytical methods. The course builds skills in audiovisual analysis while also covering a wide range of moving image texts: narrative films (classical and postclassical, Hollywood and global), alternative filmmaking practices (documentary, experimental, animation), historical media (radio, television), and digital media (video games, digital imaging, the Internet). The course presents an overview of film and media-related topics, such as narrative structures, genre conventions, historical periods, and modes of industrial production and distribution. (Check out the syllabus.)

This course is part of Emory’s Domain of One’s Own project; enrolled students create their own websites (see links to the right) and publish their writing online, crafting a portfolio of digital work. Assignments ask students to use digital (and non-digital) tools to research media texts and complete a series of related writing projects, culminating in a final project that will likely involve a nontraditional scholarly form, such as a podcast, video essay, or website. The course emphasizes individual research and writing/scholarly production, prioritizing learning by doing. Students will have freedom in selecting media texts to work on over the course of the semester, so that they can shape the course to whatever media objects they will study further in the future.